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Castles of Dr. Creep  v.394

an open source reimplementation of the 1984 Commodore 64 game 'The Castles Of Dr.

Dr. Blackjack  v.1.0

dr. blackjack is a recreation of the classic (but then again, it seems that only I have played it) windows 95 version of dr. blackjack. It is a gui blackjack tutor that will teach you basic play methods and counting

Dr. C#  v.1.0

DrC# (Dr. C sharp) is an integrated C# development environment that supports interactive evaluation of

Dr. DivX  v.2

Dr. DivX 2.0; officially the unofficial DivX encoding tool to create DivX Media Format files for playback on DivX hardware and software

Dr. Jekyll  v.1.0

Dr. Jekyll is an interactive voxel editor for viewing and editing three-dimensional images. It is specifically aimed at postprocessing of segmented datasets, but offers some functionality for raw data as

Dr. Scenario  v.1.0beta3.1

Dr. Scenario teaches health to youth through a series of scenarios. The player tries to identify health conditions and juggles treatment costs with efficacy. Explanations are provided in teen-friendly language to promote healthy

James Bond Racing  v.1.0

James Bond Racing brings the awesome racing with cars full of gadgets and weapons to your

JAMES Earnware Connector  v.rc.1.0.1

A JAMES connector module for the Earnware Services

Dr. Kaos City  v.1.0

Dr. Kaos City is a chat software created for children that are learning reading and writing.

James's Artificial Intelligent Learning  v.1.0

James Manley artificial intelligent learning machine.

Dr. Topo  v.1.0

Dr. Topo NEW, videojuego de plataformas programado en lenguaje de programacion DIV. Prg: Carlos Barrios - Gfx: Alejandro Tobias -

Rapture DR  v.1.0

Rapture DR seeks, initially, to provide a disaster recovery solution for linux servers across multiple platforms.

Dr. HydeFile  v.1.0

Dr. HydeFile hide files in a big crowd of files. Filesize: 1 KB - 20KB Number of Files: 500 - 20.000 Files Can you find a file in this crowd?

James-HA  v.2.2.0b

James-HA is a high availability distribution of Apache James. James-HA provides the capability of using multiple instances of Apache James against the same database backend for increased performance and automatic failover.

DR-VisMo  v.1.0

DR-VisMo is a visual editor for defeasible logic rule bases.It started as a small academic research project.

James Bond Log  v.0.5pre10

James Bond Log is a daemon log watcher similar to swatch or logcheck , it's completly written in C using PCRE Library and it provides the ability to be chrooted

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